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Mediums – Communicating with the Dead

Hollis and Dona and Joel come together to discuss mediumship and how it supports the grieving process. How we connect, how we learned, and how YOU can learn. This discussion will be complete with group readings available to anyone in the live session on Sunday evening.

“Dona Carter” I have been reading tarots since the age of 8 when my grandmother, also a reader and astrologer recognized my ability. I have been reading professionally for the past 10 years after moving to Rio Grande, NJ. Since Covid restrictions recommend a 6 ft distance, I am now doing virtual readings from home. My guides will help you for the next part of your journey. Please contact me through Facebook or by phone.

“Hollis Taylor” Hollis offers their personal gift of mediumship that has been under development for over 20+years. Hollis uniquely brings their own personal experience as a death midwife, a mental health education in death & dying, and their gift that they became aware of when their father passed away 20 years ago. You will find that your heart and soul can be guided into healing after losing someone you love. Hollis can also guide you in developing your own relationship with loved ones on the other side and help you develop your own gift of psychic mediumship.

“Joel Van Egbert is an advocate who by day is a grief counselor for teens some of which identify as non-binary and/or LGBTQIA+. By night, Joel is an empath, oracle and medium specializing in tarot while blending in modern mental health practices.”

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