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Herbalism & Henna with Talia Moon

Herbalism & Henna Sunday Night my friends! Meet Sumayah!

“I have been studying the art of Henna and Herbal healing for well over a decade now. In my studies of Dance and Herbalism I found the art of henna. As a studied Artist with a Bachelors in Fine Arts I was excited that I could combine My love of art and plants into one. I have traveled across the US and Central America sharing henna in markets, festivals and with random strangers, gifting the joy I find in this beautiful plant medicine.

I had been studying various world dances when I was introduced to Mehndi art and simultaneously, was introduced to the ancient art of Thai massage. All of which, I grew deeply passionate for. I quickly found dance and movement to be the embodiment of the souls language. Each modality leading itself into a web of healing with art, movement and plant medicine.

Coming full circle, while in Florida, I found myself aligned to enroll in a clinical herbal program in both Western and Traditional Chinese Herbalism at Traditions Herbal School. This has allowed Me to establish myself deeper into herbal healing in a way I can share with My community both physically and spiritually.”

Follow her website at https://www.taliamoonbotanica.com/

You can always connect with Rainbow Soul at RainbowSoul.show

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