Rainbow Soul Episodes

Let’s Talk Auras with Beth Montgomery

From Beth:

Hi 👋 I’m a mom, creative, lover of life, and I’ve been able to see energies since I can remember.

I haven’t always been as open with sharing my gift.

For a long time, I hid it. I kept it tucked away because of my fear of not being accepted. I feared rejection and yearned to fit in. I turned to drugs and alcohol to numb the pain of living as a sensitive and empathic person.

Not anymore.

I decided to seek recovery in 2020 and once I got clear headed, the colors came back. I began walking on my true aligned path. The energies emerged and I began speaking about it with people I trusted.

Then came the TikTok video that catapulted the growth. In mid March, I spoke it out to the universe and wow did the universe wink.

After hundreds of readings over the following month, I’ve learned many things. The most important thing is that everyone is doing way better than they think they are.

The other is that I have trusted my mediumship abilities. In those readings, I’ve been able to connect with spirit and share messages and symbols.

I look forward to sharing time with you and the crew. ✨☺️

Here’s a link to share if there’s an opportunity:

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