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Egyptian Deities with Zahra Indigo

Meet Zahra Indigo and learn about the Egyptian Deities and what this ancient spiritual structure might hold for you.

Virtually travel with Zahra Indigo & Rainbow Soul to these ancient places where tradition and magick are abound!

Zahra Indigo is deeply grateful and humbled to have had the gift of studying and working with many, many wise humans along the way, and counts her blessings every day.

Zahra Indigo is a Sacred Witness in her work with people all around the globe. Her master’s degree is from Naropa University in the field of ecopsychology. She is a minister of Walking Prayer with the Center for Sacred Studies and holds a Teacher’s Certificate from the Waldorf Institute of Southern California. She is a certified Alchemical Healing Teacher and Practitioner, held under the Lineage of Thoth and Nicki Scully.

It is with so much gratitude to Nicki Scully that Zahra Indigo is deeply initiated into the Egyptian Mysteries. First through Shamanic Journeys, Ltd, and now her own company, Mysteries of Egypt, LLC, Zahra Indigo has guided hundreds of pilgrimages in groups small and large through Egypt. Since 2012, she has spent years in the country living with locals in her desire to understand the ways of the people of today, all the while studying the ways of the ancients.

Zahra Indigo does in person tours of the Egyptian Pyramids when Covid-19 is no longer a threat! Get connected and experience the “Gifts of Maat!” with Zahra Indigo!


(Zahra Indigo is a cisgender ally who is honored and excited to celebrate gender variant and all LGBTQIA+ people)

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