Where True Love is!
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Where True Love is!

Suzanne and Declan DeWitt Hall are the team behind the Where True Love Is movement, which seeks to bring hope and healing to a world broken by discrimination and bias. Suzanne is the author of inclusive, affirming devotionals, children’s picture books, and weird novels. Her most recent book is titled REACHING FOR HOPE: Strategies and support for the partners of transgender people. Her debut novel about the wife of a murdered trans woman of color, THE LANGUAGE OF BODIES, is due out in October 2022 by Woodhall Press. Declan is the transmasculine powerhouse behind the Where True Love Is movement online. He creates and curates encouraging, informative, and challenging content and builds communities online to help people all over the world engage in the justice work of inclusion.



Suzanne DeWitt Hall


Author of Reaching for Hope: Strategies and support for the partners of transgender people, The Language of Bodies (Woodhall Press, October 2022), Rumplepimple adventures, Jamie the Germ Slayer, and the Where True Love Is devotionals.



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