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Channeling with River

Rainbow Soul features this amazing non-binary channeler & energetic healer River Lightbearer!

Within each of us lies a great power. The power to determine who we are, progress in our healing journey, and create the life we want to live. The power for change.

Connecting with that inner power isn’t always easy, especially when it’s been obscured by trauma. Sometimes you need guidance and support to find the power within you and learn to work with it rather than fearing it. Sometimes you need someone to support you through change.

That’s where I and my guides, beings of light called Shiva and Pietkela, come in.

For years, I’ve been on my own journey of healing and connecting with my inner power. I’ve been supported by Shiva, Pietkela, and my other guides, beings who have worked with me since childhood and even in previous lifetimes.

Through this work, I’ve gained tools and skills that have brought me growth and healing, and I’m thrilled to share my gifts with others. I would love to support your journey toward healing and embracing your inner power!

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