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Beltane – Rites of Spring

Ever see people dance around a pole with ribbons in the spring? The May Pole dance – A marker of the high holiday Beltane!

Rainbow Soul celebrates and brings forth the wisdom of Beltane aka May Day – the celebration of Spring with a very LGBTQIA+ communities from Massachusetts. Even if you have to drive the Rites of Spring Celebration is worth every mile, especially if your looking for LGBTQIA+ community integrated into the entire diverse, supportive and long lived community. LGBTQIA+ people are celebrated and even have queer focused playshops, socials, and other fun festival playfulness. A community that integrates, celebrates and features LGBTQIA+ people, communities, and connections.

Now this community is staying connected online with online events. Come and connect online with a community that celebrates you!


You can listen to Earth Spirit’s Podcast:

Earth Spirit has been holding a very large Spring Event for the past 43 years! That event is called ‘Rites of Spring’ -This year is their 43rd year and their 2nd year online! Join the community in heart, ritual, and diversity for a truly heart lifting experience this Beltane! Here’s some information from their website.

“EarthSpirit is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization founded in 1977, dedicated to the preservation and development of Earth-centered spirituality, culture and community; we particularly focus on the indigenous traditions of pre-Christian Europe, known collectively as paganism, which have survived in varying degrees to the present day.

At the core of the pagan traditions is a sense that the Great Mystery (or the Sacred, as some would call it) manifests throughout the natural world; that we can experience it directly through communion with Nature; and that the Spirit of the Earth unites all beings in a vast and varied web of interdependent connections.

The EarthSpirit Community provides services to a nationwide network of pagans and others following an Earth-centered spiritual path. Based in the Massachusetts area, our membership extends across the United States, and also to several other countries.

EarthSpirit was founded with the goal of helping to create an active pagan community in New England. Once that was accomplished, EarthSpirit turned the primary focus of its work toward helping develop pagan concepts and attitudes for living in the present age, to encourage communication and understanding among people of different traditions and ideologies, to provide opportunities for shared spiritual experience, and to help educate the general public concerning Earth-centered spirituality.

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