Jamie Angel
Rainbow Soul Episodes

Magickal Art with Jamie Angel (they/them)

Jamie Angel is a Non-Binary Drag Performer. They are an Author, Artist, Designer, Advocate, and Entrepreneur, and Interfaith Minister on an Eclectic Path. They enjoy incorporating important advocacy concepts into their creative endeavors. Their most recent work has been their book Dru the Draggin’ Dragon. As a a performer with multiple disabilities, Jamie Angel works to increase accessibility in the arts, and within the LGBTQIA+ Community and in awareness of LGBTQIA+ issues. As an individual on an Interfaith path, Jamie is has been able to help individuals reconcile their previous religious experiences with the paths that resonate with them, in a way that affirms all aspects of their spirituality: Body, Mind, and Soul, in a way that allows them to explore various paths without any prejudgements as to which path is “right” for that individual, as only they can determine that for themselves. As an artist with disabilities, Jamie works with whatever is functioning at the time so may paint or draw with feet, hands, mouth, etc, and has even done a painting using their hair. They enjoy teaching others how to overcome obstacles to expand their creativity by focusing on what one can do not what they can’t do. One of their favorite forms of incorporating Art and Spirituality is the Wishing Magic practice of making Sigils, which what they will be sharing with us. Be sure to grab some paper or canvas and pencils, pens, or paints to join in the creative spiritual practice of Wishing Art & Magical Art!

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