2022 Astrology Forecast

Rainbow Soul Features the 2022 Forecast with Andrew Watt –

Andrew B. Watt is an astrologer, textile artist, poet and consultant. Born in 1970, he was a school teacher for twenty years before starting to publicly consult for clients. Holding degrees in philosophy, theology, and history, he taught both Latin and computer programming — joining the ancient past to a very modern future. Yet his real love was the study of world history — and its recognition that all things have a cycle of beginning, rise, perfection, decline, and completion, even as the ruins become the creche of something new. His astrological practice draws on a range of writers from the Hellenistic era through the Renaissance, and weaves together diverse threads of magic from studies in Tarot, ceremonial magic, Druidry, and alchemy. Andrew lives in western Massachusetts with his wife, and a cat named Tahuti who stands in splendour on the couch.

His website is http://andrewbwatt.com

Twitter: @andrewbwatt

Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/ABWatt

Instagram: abwatt42 

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