Nik Constantine
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Nik Constantine

Nik Constantine, is wyrd. He has Old school magick and olive oil coursing thru his veins. Raised in a

Mediterranean family, Nik spent his childhood learning to cook up something good in the kitchens which

his grandparents and great aunts called the heart of the home. There, among the cuffs and hems of

wisdom, Nik’s big elfish ears were filled with stories from distant lands. Legends and myths from the old

country were sung softly behind the chants of Roman Catholic and Greek Orthodox hymns. Neighbors and

family friends also fed Nik’s love of culture and spirit, adding their own flavor to the living magick in his


Working with astrology, witchcraft, paganism and various aspects of the occult and esoteric arts, Nik

focuses his sights on Developing his gifts and honoring his roots with daily practice.

Nik lives in the Hill towns of Western Massachusetts, home of the Mohawk people.

As a spiritual mentor, life coach, intuitive mediator and all, around Jack-of-no-Trade, Nik has been the soul

behind Channelled Paths, a spiritual and art endeavor.

Nik is available for one on one or group sessions, Individual readings, or apprenticeship programs.


Phone: (908)674-1367

Look for the upcoming release of the Website, YouTube page, twitter and Patreon page for Nik Constantine

and ChannelledPaths.

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