Queer Ostara Ritual – Praying for Peace in Ukraine

Rainbow Soul community comes together on this inspiring show! Together they present a slavic style ritual honoring a deity from long ago – that was often represented in the village as a ‘woman dressed as a man’ – Their name is Yarilo. Psanky was offered and can be seen on the video version of Rainbow Soul Vodcast. Representing the four directions are queer members of the community who love to offer wisdom and experience around each holiday in the wheel of the year! Join us every seasonal and witchy holiday on Rainbow Soul. 

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This Ritual featured: 

Hollis Taylor – www.DivineAndrogyne.com

LeKross Ortiz – #MasterofNone & Drag King

Bright Hawk – www.BrightHawkProductions.com

Cricket – www.laughingladybug.com

Yve aka Jamie Angel (Drag King)

Aryn (A transgender Magickal person within the community)

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