Meet Hollis Taylor

Hollis Taylor (they/them) is the founder and one of the hosts for Rainbow Soul Vodcast. Hollis is a non-binary creative soul that is an author, psychic, astrologer, tarot reader, tech mage, and alchemist. Hollis offers basic and beginner witchcraft medicine based on their eclectic 25year practice as well as medicine harvested from their yoga practice, meditations, trauma therapy, education in psychology, and experience with consciousness. You can connect with Hollis at their website about mentorship, coaching, psychic readings, and online events at

Hollis is also a Drag King and you can check out their social media and website around that at, Izzy is available for shows, performances, judging for competitions, and children related events.

Hollis does offer a Nonbinary Hobbit like Character for your children’s or fantasy event including Larps (Hollis is knowledgable with the D&D style RPG)

Hollis has published TWO Books (Support them directly by ordering from them directly)

Divine Androgyne: A Sacred Path for Gender Variant People

The Dancing Hippo (A genderless children’s storybook with amazing artwork about resilience)

Hollis also the manager and tech at