Trauma & Consciousness – Jay Morgan (Life Coach)

As more coaches and mental health people learn about trauma we are often lead to consciousness to heal? WHY? and how does this work? We will explore the effects of trauma on the brain & how consciousness can inspire healing, healthy balanced living and the overcoming of trauma.  It was only believed that trauma was incurable but as living examples we will explore this topic.

Jay is a female-to-male trans life coach who specializes in helping the Queer community find confidence within themselves by witnessing them as they step into their power. Jay has been an active life coach since July of 2020 & began his journey by hiring his own coach, as well as taking courses on Udemy & continued his education through books, audios, and attending The Vitalist Institute in Grand Rapids, MI. Most recently, Jay has become trauma-informed, in hopes of reaching those folks who have experienced trauma due to simply being in the queer community. Jay is also the founder of the Grand Rapids’ Queer Support Group, with meetings every month that allow for Queer-identifying folks to express themselves as they are without judgment. Jay has been featured on Fox17 News for his transition. Jay is also an entrepreneur, singer, songwriter, and healer who enjoys nature, coffee, sunrises, and delicious vegan food. Above all, the things that matter most to Jay are connection & bringing people together by recognizing shared humanity.

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