Mindfulness, Intuition and Mental Health with Mav Magick

What’s the connection?? Rainbow Soul will explore this during our chat with Mav!

Meet Mav (they/them) –  Spiritual Life Coach & Energy Healer

Mav Atis-Valentine AKA Mav Magick is a non-binary trans spiritual life coach and energy healer. They have an M.S. in counseling and use their training as a therapist to help people dig deep into their psyche to help them find healing. They also practiced as a trauma-informed therapist so they are able to help you heal and transmute your trauma. Their focus is on helping people transform their relationships with their emotions and helping them see emotions as guides instead of enemies.

Mav also has a youtube channel where they document their transition and discuss their non-binary spiritual journey. Mav was raised fundamental Christian, but has deconstructed their faith and explores the many paths spirituality has to offer.

Mav currently resides in south jersey with their wife and 4 fur babies. You might find them hiking the trails, sketching/painting, playing music, or playing games!

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