Inclusive Wicca with Yvonne Aburrow

Rainbow Soul will include what inclusive Wicca looks like and explore how Wicca got a very binary reputation. We will step into what is inclusive, discuss Wicca and Witchcraft with Nonbinary and Queers in mind!

We will welcome author:
Yvonne Aburrow has been a Pagan since 1985 and a Wiccan since 1991. They have an MA in Contemporary Religions and Spiritualities from Bath Spa University (UK). They were born in England, and now live in Cambridge, Ontario, Canada. They have written four books on the mythology and folklore of trees, birds, and animals, and two anthologies of poetry. Their most recent books are All Acts of Love and Pleasure: inclusive Wicca (published by Avalonia Books), Dark Mirror: the inner work of witchcraft, and The Night Journey: witchcraft as transformation (both published by the Doreen Valiente Foundation in association with the Centre for Pagan Studies). They co-edited Pagan Consent Culture with Christine Hoff-Kramer. They blog at Dowsing for Divinity.

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