Enchanting Self-Care with Sam Goodlet

Sam Goodlet (she/they) is an artist, writer and animist, and a practicing British witch, drawing on Brythonic and Celtic traditions and ancestral connections.

Sam is a visual creatrix who’s worked in libraries, schools, nature conservation, environmental education and as a freelance illustrator. They have an MA in natural history interpretation, and they are a trained Spiral Practitioner and growth coach.

They run online courses and one-to-one coaching based on two key principles: helping humans remember that they are animals too, and using enchantment and wonder as the ultimate form of self care.

Sam is a Wild Priestess with Wild Essence and lives just outside Winchester in the South of England with her partner, rescue dog and little boy. She walks through the world interwoven in wild whispers and in the paw prints of ancient animals.

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